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All testing is free of charge. We believe leading a healthy lifestyle is more important than worrying about how to pay for testing. Currently, we are testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. Tests require both blood and urine specimens. We’ll stick you in the arm–without sticking you with the bill.  If you need treatment, there are a variety of options, most of which are free or at very low cost (some exclusions apply).


Testing 4 U abides by the same federal and state laws your own doctor abides by regarding your private health information. Plus, we do not need to collect any insurance information (remember the part about our services being free?). This means no insurance company will mail anything to your home address about you being tested. We know your privacy is important to you, and it is to us, as well.


Our Philosophy

t4u - "thanks for understanding" ; a quick way to show your appreciation when someone cuts you some slack. Getting tested may feel a little awkward, but the consequences of an undiagnosed sexually transmitted infection will be far more uncomfortable. Rest assured, when you come to T4U, you will be entering a judgment-free zone. We want the best for you, and are here to talk and answer questions. Just know we are here for you, whenever you need us. Guaranteed, or your money back (oh wait... testing is free!).

Percent of carriers with no symptoms

Why get tested?

Over 80% of people infected with chlamydia will show no symptoms of infection. That means no burning urination. No weird pus. No nasty discharge. Sound okay? Think again–without symptoms, the only way to know if you have an infection is to get tested. And if a sexually transmitted infection goes untreated, most can result in greater health risks later in life–infertility, cervical cancer in women, and prostate damage in men (just to name a few). Plus, if you don’t get treated, you can pass on your silent friend to all your sexual partners. So take responsibility and take control: get the facts. Get tested. Schedule your free and confidential appointment today.


Find Us


We are conveniently located along TAMU Bus Route 12 (Reveille). Jump off at the Carter Creek Shopping Center/Willow Oaks bus stop and walk just a few steps south on 29th Street.

We are also located along the Brazos Transit District’s PURPLE Route.


So what am I getting into here?

Standard appointments last about an hour and involve filling out some paperwork, collecting blood and urine samples, answering questions during a health history interview, some education, and in most cases – meeting with a physician*. Any information we collect is strictly used to serve you during the appointment and will not be shared with anyone you do not authorize us to share it with. After we have collected your information, and before you visit with the physicians about your specific concerns, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to trained personnel about a variety of sexual health topics. Ask what ever you want: we won’t blush.

Volunteer physicians are available on site and in most all cases you will be offered an exam and consultation with one.  Once you meet with the physician,  you are also welcome to discuss any specific concerns you have with them. They, along with the medical staff, will collect blood and urine samples from you. If the physicians feel it is necessary (and if you give them permission) they will perform a brief physical exam to assist them in their diagnosis. If needed, the doctors can prescribe an appropriate course of treatment that day.

Test results typically return within 7 days, at which time you will be contacted with the results, as well as any treatment plan, if appropriate. Most medications prescribed can be bought for less than $5 at the pharmacy of your choice. If you do test positive, we can schedule a follow-up appointment in a few months to verify that all went well.  For long term chronic disease, referrals will be made to assist you in finding appropriate care.

*It is our intent to have a physician available during normal T4U hours.  If we schedule an appointment to meet your needs and it is outside of our normal hours, a physician may not be available.  There may also be rare circumstances when a physician is not available.


4112 E. 29th St.

Bryan, TX 77802

(979) 695-9193



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